Car free works for me

Last week I read a really great article by a fellow car free individual in the United States and it was like it was written for me to read. Everything made sense and motivated me to also write about this growing topic.

It has now been over two months since I have been car free. At first, I wasn’t sure if I would actually be “ok” without a vehicle – but as it turns out having car free life is far better than expected. Having almost always owning a car since I was 16 (so… that would be 18 years!), changing my mindset to being car free was a bit of a challenge but not a really difficult one.

Here’s how it works for me:

Friends! I may have the best friends in the world because they all know that I’m without a car we meet in central locations or they pick me up along the way. It’s amazing.

Location! As it turns out I live in a great area of the city with excellent access to train, bus and bike/pedestrian pathways (one of the most extensive path networks in the nation!). Also, usually there are readily available car2go vehicles within a block or two of where I live at any given time.

Delivery! I’ve signed up for grocery delivery through Spud and love shopping online for my weekly order. Shopping at local shops for specialty good such as Market 17, Shaganappi Grocery, Heritage Bakery and the E.Mart has connected me with my neighbours while supporting their businesses makes our community stronger.

Bikes!! Now that it’s all wintery outside I haven’t been riding much at all and am jonesing to spin my wheels a lot again. It’s a happy maker and I really enjoy getting someplace by my own engine to meet friends, get to work, do errands and go shopping. I love busting out a huge smile while stopped at intersections and surprising fellow Calgarians with my happiness. Year-round cycling may seem to not be for everybody … but it can be with the right mindset and equipment!



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