Stolen Bike Spotted!

I received some very unexpected news in an email last night… that Bruiser-the-Bike had been spotted near the University of Calgary! I had given up hope that I would ever see the bike again a few months after it was stolen but it seems that this sighting may actually be my bike! There has been some modification but the fellow that saw it believed it was my stolen bike. Here are the details:

The bike was spotted at the intersection of 32nd Ave and 37th St NW, near the University, around 6:20pm on May 7th, 2013. He walked down the stairs from the brick low-income housing, across the crosswalk on 32nd Ave, and looked to be heading north on 37th St.

The bike was a Kona Kula Supreme frame, the white and yellow with red highlights – a fairly rare frame and very recognizable.  There was what looked like red electrical tape wrapped around the non-drive side seat stay in two spots, I recall seeing similar tape on your friends bike.  The fork was not the Lefty though, it was an old model Marzocci dirt-jump style fork. 

The guy was wearing a white and blue baseball cap, flat brim, with matching sunglasses.  White and blue outfit, though I can’t remember much else.  He was riding it with the seat all the way down, like a dirt-jumper would.  His clothing made the impression of the stereotypical ‘gangster’ style.

Here is a picture with the pointed out changes according to the fellow that spotted the bike.

Missing bike update

This information has been passed on to the Calgary Police Department to update the police report I filed last year and I will be visiting the University’s Campus Security this evening in the event they see it and can contact the police.

If you see the bike please do not approach the person as we will need to make absolutely sure that this is my missing bike. Please contact me and I will notify the police.

Here’s hoping this story has a happy ending 🙂



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