I’m a rebel and painted my bathroom grey

Yesterday afternoon I found a TEDxRanier talk called “Drawing your Future”. I don’t feel that I am really artistically inclined but for some reason it piqued my interest so I watched it. It really triggered something – I wanted to ACT on something and create my future. Not sure what I was going to do I found myself cleaning out an old file container that I had been storing recipes, magazine clippings and random pieces of paper for well over 10 years. Yes, I’m a tab bit of a hoarder… but I contain it in an organized fashion  and it was time to purge. After creating ‘recipes to keep’ and ‘articles to keep’ piles all the rest went in to recycling and now the three tier file container what was filled to the gills could now have all items in one drawer. Awesome. While skimming through the ‘articles to keep’ pile I found that I have a bunch of ‘room decor inspiration’ clippings that I’ve found over the years. Some aren’t so much my style anymore but aspects of them certainly were. Finding these got me thinking.

Why hadn’t I done anything to this shitty apartment to make it better. Yes – I have put up pictures and some random art but it wasn’t sufficient to cover up the overall  shittiness that this apartment has felt to me since I moved in. It’s nothing special and this unit hadn’t even received a fresh coat of paint before I moved in… 2 and a half years ago! I’ve been living like this for WAY TOO LONG! Trying to be honestly grateful that I have a roof over my head is hard to do when there are old cigarette tar stains on the kitchen light fixture and walls with old screw holes from the previous tenants. I cannot afford to move but I needed to be happier with the space I call home.

What could I ACT on? Suddenly I decided that painting and redecorating the bathroom would make me so happy that I just had to do it. It’s a very small room that would only benefit from anything. So.. this is happening? I’ve never painted a room before and I can’t really afford much for the ‘redecorating’ part. I had, however, watched a lifetime’s worth of house reno shows so I figured this project was totally doable and would be far easier than I thought. The decision was made and I began planning… all without asking the building manager’s permission to do it. I figure it will make the place a hell of a lot better and I’m doing it on my own dime… so… I started to decide on colour.

Before - Shower Curtain

Cool metal sign found at antique mall in Kalispell

Cool metal sign found at antique mall in Kalispell

I always liked this shower curtain and I loved this sign I found in Montana so I decided that I would lead with these and do the walls in a grey tone. That was easy…

This morning, off to the Rona store I went with the sign to find a grey that would match. The young clerk in the paint department was super helpful and I left the store all set up with the tools to get this done! However, as I was driving home I realized I hadn’t picked up filler and a putty knife… Walmart was on the way so I also got a live edition of PeopleofWalmart. That store never disappoints with its people watching.

First up – putty time! I filled all the little holes in the walls (why were there so many?! I don’t know…not one was mine) then I set off puttying all the rest of the apartment’s screw holes! Even though there is a slight but visible colour discrepancy from the wall to the putty it still looks better. Amazing.

Next – taping. I have decided that I don’t particularly like this part and it is annoying. However, it needs to be done so I taped everything.

Taping - my least favorite part of the painting project

Taping – my least favorite part of the painting project

Off to edging! This is time consuming. Just taking my time along the edges and making sure I have enough lead off the edge  for enough coverage where the roller can’t reach was oddly relaxing. This step also had me really feel how big this room is.  It is only a 7’x5′ windowless rectangular cube but somehow it felt bigger.

Paint edging - you get to go to parts of your bathroom you never use! Corners!!

Paint edging – you get to go to parts of your bathroom you never use… Ceiling edge and corners!!

Oh my – it’s time to pull out the rollers! Dipped the roller in the tray and it’s white fuzzy covering got saturated with my paint colour of choice, Okinawa (from the Rona Collection paint line). I turned and readied myself to make the big ‘w’ on the bit of wall beside the medicine cabinet. And just like that I was off making my way around the room getting the first coat on. Each stroke made me so happy – this would no longer be such a terribly bland space – even with grey walls! ha!

After filling the 4 hour dry time by doing the dishes, playing with Harold and making and eating dinner it was time for the second coat. Whoo hoo! I get pumped to make this the best second coat of all time by starting with the edging again. I start to see all the little white-ish flecks of colour sneaking their way through the first layer of paint. I’m on to the rollers before I know it. Around the room I go and just like that I’m removing the taping and replacing all my bathroom stuff to their rightful locations (that is until some new shelving is installed!).

View from door to shower curtain

View from door to shower curtain

Wall beside medicine cabinet - I still have to rehang the towel rack

Wall beside medicine cabinet – I still have to rehang the towel rack

Vanity and mirror

Vanity and mirror

This simple project has brought new life to this otherwise boring space. I’m so happy with this paint and how it looks! It really was easy!

Next up – resurfacing the vanity and in the interior of the medicine cabinet with contact paper…



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