Tomorrow the pain train is coming to town…

Well, this is it… this weekend was the last of the ‘relaxing’. I’ll still chill and just watch a movie on occasion but there will be a lot more muscle pain and sweat mixed with lots more outdoors and gym time packed in on a weekly basis from now until mid-October. It’s been a good run of hanging out and eating whatever I want along with delicious wines without a second thought. It’s now go time. I have 4 months to crush the Ride to Conquer Cancer +200 km ride… and I have just 8 months to annihilate the Portland half-marathon with a sub-2 hour running pace… During all of this I have a slightly vain personal goal of having a defined 6-pack of stomach muscles that will be a beautifully strong, flexible and a solid core of strength and balance that will get me up higher mountains and be a benchmark for me when I turn 34 this September (wow!).  I think these are pretty decent goals. Doable. Attainable. Gonna happen. How motivated am I? Guess we’ll see… now off to hot yoga for some sweaty goodness on a Sunday night!


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