Back on two-wheels

It has been a strange past few weeks and even though I know it is good for me to write and be creative I just couldn’t pull myself together to do it. Depression is the culprit so after being stolen from and losing my bike happiness I found myself in the doldrums of a pity party where I was the only attendee. After a few days of being sad and knowing that shit happens so you just have to move on  – I finally did and have come out on the other side full of energy and all sorts of good is happening again. Hooray!

First up – Mud Hero 2012

What a ridiculously fun time this was. While I was off in my own world of mourning for Bruiser-the-stolen-bike I completely forgot that I had signed up for the Mud Hero… that is until I received a text message from my friend Nadine at around 11:30pm the night prior asking if I was excited about the race. Yikes! I was at a house farewell Ahoy party and suddenly had to get home and get some sleep so I could be ready for the next day. Before leaving the party, however, I saw this sign in my friends’ bathroom and thought it was awesome…

Shower with a friend

Save water people!

So anyways – I get to the race out at the Rafter Six Ranch and it is an amazingly beautiful day. There are thousands of people doing the race and everyone was having the best time. Racers of all ages, sizes and fitness level were there and it made for a really fun day.  The final obstacle was a big mud pit to crawl through so I also officially retired my runners afterwards. They have done me well!

Retired runners

Time for new runners

Second up on the happy list – NEW SET OF TWO-WHEELS!

After realizing that the odds of my stolen bike being returned to me are pretty damn slim I started looking online for a new-to-me bike and stumbled upon a few cyclocross bikes. I had no idea what this type of bike was but once I did a bit of bike research and learned what they were capable of it became apparent that this was exactly what would work for me. Luckily, one of the Kijiji ads seemed to be a good size for me and for a really decent price. So after looking at it on my own I was really stoked about the bike. However, I wanted a second opinion and asked my ever trusty bike guru for a more knowledgeable opinion other than my – “oh it’s white and fast looking” style of bike knowledge. The results were in and I was sold on this sweet new rig. Picked her up last Thursday, rode it around this weekend and am LOVING IT!

New wheels

Doesn’t she look fast!

Still haven’t settled on a name yet – but I am currently learning towards “White Lightening”, however, I am going to wait until more km’s are racked on her to make any final decisions. Also, even though this season may be too soon for me and the new set-up to try out cyclocross races I will for sure be checking them out and cheering on the racers! It looks like a lot of fun and a fantastic  physical challenge.


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