To all my Ride to Conquer Cancer supporters

I want to say – one more time just how much I truly appreciate every dollar donated and every word of encouragement and support everyone has graciously offered since I decided to sign up for the Ride to Conquer Cancer at the beginning of the year. I cannot express enough heartfelt gratitude to you all. Our corporate team, the FirstEnergy Road Rockets, have surpassed our overall goal of $65,700 and the donations are still coming in!

I would like to specifically thank the following people for the generous donations you’ve all made to my fundraising efforts. Together you have raised $3,581.66!! Wow!!

Tom P., KC & Brenda, Jamie S., Harold D., Oliver R. & Tania R., Nicole & Mark, Bacon L., Wendy D., Megan S., Chad B. & Liz B. (for Pamela Macleod), Gerd B., Chris R., Mary D. (for Helena & Joe Deveau), Hadija, Christina G., Bev M., Carlee F., Robyn H., Paula W., Winn T., Dan J., Ruby W., Leo D. (for Helena & Joe Deveau), FirstEnergy Capital Corp., Cathy-Jo N., Nick J., Chris S. & Noley, Linda A., Jenna P. (for Grandpa Hop-hop), Rita L. & Wilson L., Jamie H. & May C., Jan C’s Dad, Marty K.

Saturday morning we’ll be starting the Ride and you can follow along on a new tracking website set up by the foundation here

I’ll also try to post pictures and updates as I can throughout the weekend while trying to keep dry as the weather forecast is calling for a bit of rain. However, if throughout the ride I feel like I am tired or start wondering why I’m doing this…

I’m going to think: What’s worse – having cancer or riding a bike for two days rain or shine?

This thought is what will push me to finish this with a big smile on my face – because this Ride is for those who are not able to participate because they are right now fighting for their lives against cancer, for those who are no longer with us because they lost their battle with cancer and for those who may be struck by some form of cancer in the future.  

Thank you 🙂



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