Unexpected Happiness

While cycling home today, in the drizzly rain, I got to thinking about how good I’ve been feeling while bike commuting every day to and from work (despite the occasional bitchy comment about the “Cycle Commuter 500” which I will expand on some other time)… then the universe brought me three things along my route home to prove the point.

First = Log Jam

Log jam

The Bow River water level is really high these days from all the rain we’ve been experiencing here in Calgary coinciding with the spring melt in the mountains. Today it brought a giant log and jammed it under the 10th Street bridge. The picture doesn’t do it justice – it’s pretty darn big. So I started thinking about the river’s history and how it was once used as a transportation system for logging from the Kananaskis area. As I was pedaling along I wondered more about the river’s history and found this fantastic link all about the Bow River later when I got home. Learning is always a good thing.

Second = Thx 4 Biking


This was spray painted on the pathway as I crossed the railroad tracks to head up the hill near my place. I don’t know who did this but it sure made me stop and smile. Thanks!

Third = Mini-Yard Bomb!

Mini-yarn bomb on the Bow Trail pedestrian bridge

Yarn bomber(s) adding some cozy to the steel of the Bow Trail pedestrian bridge

This was the last and funnest universe gift on my ride home. Somebody dropped a mini-yarn bomb on the Bow Trail pedestrian bridge! I had heard of and seen pictures of these cozy wraps around the city and this was a great surprise to find during the wet ride home 🙂

So the evidence is in => biking can bring all sorts of unexpected happiness. I think I’ll keep doing this for a while.


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