Dream interpretation

I have been experiencing the most twisted and bizarre dreams lately. The first one that I shared with a few friends occurred the day after I started a new treatment from my naturopath. She and I have been working on a number of health (physical and mental) issues I have been struggling with for years. Lately there been a lack of dreams and I guess that is not really a good thing. My subconscience is being hampered by all the ‘stuff’ going on in my awake conscience and my dreams aren’t coming through. Well whatever she issued last appointment certainly seems to be taking affect.

Number 1

I was living in Norway and I was kidnapped by a friend of mine. I was able to escape the kidnapper and ran away to a sea side safe place. Upon arrival I met a bunch of people I didn’t know but who seemed like good people so I felt like this was a good place to be. Somehow I knew that the kidnapper was out looking for me and these new friends offered me a car – which wasn’t really a car but a motorized Lazy-boy kind of chair that actually looked like a gorilla and where the gas and brakes were operated by the arm rests. It was called the ‘Gorilla car’ – obviously. Suddenly I knew my kidnapper had found out where I was and was getting close so I took the Gorilla car to aid in my get-away and drove to a big port city. Not sure where I was but I was able to get myself on a big Trans-Atlantic ship that was going to Iceland. When I got on board I randomly ran in to my friend Steve that I hadn’t seen in years and his girlfriend whom I had never met before. We hung out on the ship exchanging adventure stories while on our way to Iceland. Then I woke up.

Number 2

I was returning to my car that was parked in a covered parkade that was connected to a rec centre building and found that my car (Big Red) had been vandalized (tail lights busted, big scratches all over the body paint and dents in the hood) but all the belongings I had left inside were still there – including my bike. I go to find security and on my way I see other cars had been horribly vandalized as well. Finally finding security we go back to my car and even more vandalizing has happened in the 15-ish minutes I have been away searching for help – and it is unreal. The roof of the car is ripped/pried open like a sardine can and everything inside is torn and the bike is still there but the tires are gone. Then I woke up.

Number 3

I wake up from sleeping through a good night’s rest and am getting ready for the day. When I am about to leave my apartment I notice that one of the locks on my door is missing. I have a deadbolt and upper lock/latch kind of lock. The top latch is gone. It’s not ripped off or anything – it’s just gone. I start panicking. Then I woke up – for real this time and instantly go to the door to check the locks. All were in place.

There have been more dreams but I have a weird super short-term memory with dreams and tend to forget them quite quickly after waking – unless they are as crazy and twisted as these few have been. I’m going to start writing the others down as soon as I wake up to try to make more sense of them.

I wonder what my subconsciousness is trying to tell me. Or is it just making up for lost time and going wild with the dreams to get me thinking.


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