The Bike

Just over a month ago I received an email with “Today is your lucky day” in the subject line. What was written in the email was something absolutely unexpected – I was to receive a new bike… built… just for me. I was in disbelief – Why would someone I barely know decide to build me a bike? Tears began to well up in my eyes. I should also mention that I was reading the email during the week before I was heading to the parole hearing so my already nearly uncontrollable emotions officially reached max capacity. The flood gates opened and there was no stopping the tears. I am so thankful I didn’t receive the email while sitting at my desk at work because I would have been a blubbering puddled mess.

Re-reading the email I tried to make myself believe that someone could actually be so kind without wanting anything in return except to extend the joy of riding a great bike. I had to believe it… it was true. A truly good person had volunteered themselves to do a good thing.

Over the next four weeks I receive bike build updates, photos of the parts and the excitement heightened. This is actually happening and the bike is coming together! Then I get word that it is ready for a test drive. OH.MY.GOODNESS. it is so super cool and while pushing the pedals around the garage for the first time I feel like a kid again.

Being a goof on the new wheels!

I’m so grateful and can’t stop smiling. When trying to convey how much I appreciate this awesome gift I still feel like I can’t quite find all the right  words.

To Erik (the mastermind bike builder) , Cindy (ever smiley support, photographer and can sport a garage apron like none other), Shaun (bike builder/derailleur contributor), Craig (frame contributor that comes pre-filled with an adventurous spirit – go Tour Divide!) and anyone else who was part of this bike build in any way:  I believe that you get what you give. You have given me a lot of happiness. Thank you.

Happiness in the form of my very first highway bike ride!

Now to keep training for the Ride to Conquer Cancer and reach another goal for 2012.


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