Sunday Funday

I really REALLY love the first hot weekend after winter. When the forecast of clear skies, +20C temps and warm winds actually comes true. It is officially the summer season. I got my first tan lines of the summer, saw an ice cream truck and biked around the neighbourhood with some lady friends. Fantastic Sunday Funday.

When I got home after the fantastic afternoon I decided I needed to bake something. Since I need to clean out my freezer a bit for an upcoming Costco shopping trip (I consider it a trip because I need to mentally prepare myself for the journey in to the large carts and crowded aisles) I decided to make myself a mixed berry baked crumble to use up the last of a big bag of frozen berries. Good times. I went to my trusty recipe site FoodGawker and found a simple recipe to go off of here.

I made a bunch of substitutions though…partially because it was what I had on hand… and partially because I need to be more conscience of my gluten intake (which really means I need to stop eating gluten because it makes me sick… sigh). Here’s what I changed out:

Used brown sugar instead of white

Used a bit of stevia syrup instead of apple cider

Used Bob’s Mill Gluten-free flour

Mixed the berries with the first few ingredients:

Mixed the oats and butter and the rest of the ingredients:

Then baked to deliciousness:

Now to begin the week 🙂


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