Let the real training begin…

I’ve recently lost a bit of weight. 10.6 pounds to be exact.  Learning how to say no to treats and keeping on track with a super healthy eating plan set out by my friend Linsay (thank-you!!) was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I have always had the utmost respect for people who have battled with their own weight and worked their asses off (*literally*) through diet and exercise. Now that I have gone through this process that respect has only increased exponentially. It is hard work and anyone who tells you different is full of shit.

In celebration of finishing the Lard-Off and reaching my weight loss goal my bestie Dee and I went to our favourite lady-date night restaurant, Delicious Thai, for, well, delicious Thai food! *note – we did think of you, Ms. Kate, on your adventures in Thailand/Vietnam 🙂

Simple and delicious celebration dessert

So now on to my next goal… actually two BIG fitness goals that are in conjunction with each other. When I started this year I wanted to do something big and challenging. Then, my friend Linsay (again… thanks!) mentioned a half-marathon at the end of May. I decided to sign up. This goal is totally a personal challenge and a daunting one at that. I’ve never run that far (21.1 km!) in my life and it will be even more of a mental challenge than a physical one. I am my own worst enemy and have given up on myself so many times in the past so this is a big deal for me.

But then… the company I work for brought in representatives for the Alberta Ride to Conquer Cancer. A +200km ride through the foothills of the Rockies. A HUGE challenge. They talked about the ride and showed a short film about it and watching riders with the yellow flags that show that they are survivors doing this challenge made me cry. I had to sign up for this. I am not really a big cyclist, however, I know a lot of people in my own family that have fought their own battle with cancer. Sadly, many not winning the battle. This is something that I can do in honour of all of those who have been affected by cancer. I need to raise $2500 in my fundraising efforts. I hope to raise a lot more but the base amount is set.

I have a personal webpage through the Ride’s site. If you can support my fundraising efforts in any monetary way I will honour your donation on my ride. I will be adding a ribbon pole to the back of my bike and ribbons with the names of those I am riding for. Yellow for those who lost their battle. Purple for those who won. I hope I have lots of ribbons and more purple than yellow.

I’ve set up my bike on my new-to-me trainer (Thanks Kijiji!) in my already small living room to help with this training goal.

Bike and trainer all set up!

Let’s do this!


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