Concrete Circus

With just 4 days left in the Lard-off I shouldn’t have skipped out on yoga last night but I have good reasons for it… some couch cuddly-time with Mr. Harold (tuckered out from a two walk day and lots of playing/visiting) and as I was flipping through the cable channels I came across an AMAZING documentary on CBC.

Mr. Harold passed out from a day of fun

Extreme cuteness up close

As many of you know I am a sucker for learning via TV and was not disappointed with this treat… so much so that I just had to share! If you have a love of any sport, have or know children that are involved in sports or just like watching amazing athletes display their art then you have got to watch this:

Concrete Circus!

A great feature of the website is that you can watch the individual sport films or the whole documentary itself. Whatever you do – definitely try to spare a bit time to watch some or all of this. It’s very inspiring and I believe that if more people really took notice of what skateboarders, BMX’er and parkour (PK) athletes do, the world would be a better place. This documentary is showcasing the best of the best of original artists. They’ve had years of practice and got hurt a few times along the way. But that didn’t stop them from trying again. Not all kids that are skateboarding/BMX’ing/PK’ing are hooligans and misfits like the general society seems to want to make them out to be. Kids just want and need to express themselves and if all they want to do is be outside and active I don’t see any problem with that. Perhaps the many people out there that like to place labels and have preconceived notions about these kids should get out there and try it for themselves and realize that it’s a lot harder than they think… and a lot of fun!

Kilian Martin - skateboarder


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